Wrong location

A joint City and Regional District report from 2002, reiterated in 2008, does not allow additional Heavy Industry use inside City Limits.

The following is an excerpt from the 2008 report: PRINCE GEORGE AREA INDUSTRIAL LAND PROFILE to explain the purpose of the restriction.

In the late 1990’s, there emerged an identified shortage within the City of Prince George of industrial land appropriate for the development of heavy industry. Therefore, the City and the Regional District jointly initiated a process to identify lands that could accommodate new industry. The Study was culminated in 2001 and was endorsed by the Regional Board in January, 2002.
Participants in the development of the Industrial Lands Study included the Regional District, City of Prince George, Ministry of Environment including the Water, Wildlife and Habitat and Air
Quality Branches, Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Agriculture and the Federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans. The BC Land Reserve Commission was referred to, but did not send a formal response. The Land Commission did however participate in the review of the Pineview Official Community Plan that reflected the recommendations of the Industrial Land Study.

There were a number of qualitative factors considered in the original heavy industrial lands study to reduce the potential of air quality impacts from new industry. The most critical was locating outside of the river valleys, to reduce the effects of topographical channelling, stagnation, and fumigation on emissions. Another critical factor was distance from (human-inserted for jargon clarity) receptors at higher elevations that might be impacted by plumes or odour emissions.

Download the 2008 reviewed report from the Regional District’s webpage. It will open in a separate tab: PGArea Industrial Lands Profile 2008