Site Proposal

The proposed site is shown in red outline to the lower right in the aerial image below.

Petrochemical Plant Proposed Site
Profile showing height difference from site to plateau to east ~ 27m = 9 story bldg.

The site is currently zoned M2- General Industrial, which is a light industrial zone allowing for such diverse uses as warehouses, vehicle repair, wrecking yards, medical marihuana production, etc.

For a petrochemical plant, the site would have to be rezoned to M6 – Special Heavy Industrial.

However, pursuant to a 2001/2 study, reiterated in 2008, the airshed within the City limits specifically, and the two river valleys in general are already compromised to the extent that the City has restricted additional loading of contaminant air emissions to sites chosen outside the city limits.

There are 4 sites, Hart North(Salmon Valley), Isle Pierre, Clear Lake and Willow Cale (2km south of the City limits) which are shown as appropriate for heavy industry on the City’s web page at heavy industrial industry

The Hart North site was identified in the mid 1970s in the China Steel Study for a proposed steel reduction mill as the most suitable site for Heavy Industry within the region and has ever since been identified in long term plans for Heavy Industrial use.