Existing Strategic Plan

PACHA’s Initial Strategic Plan


PACHA believes that every individual has the right to breathe clean air and to that end will be the catalyst for achieving the best air quality in BC


Our mission is to effect improvement in air quality in the air shed of Prince George through advocacy, education, research, collaboration and such methods as the society may deem reasonable


  • to educate the public as to an existence of an air quality problem and its harmful effects
  • to investigate air quality issues, compile research, analyze, interpret and make this information available to the public
  • to participate in processes related for improving Prince George air quality
  • to build relationships with government, industry and other organizations to improve air quality
  • to increase membership and active involvement
  • to seek funding as needed in support of our objectives

Action Plan

Educate Public:

  • Public events: CNC, UNBC, Farmers Market, PGX
  • Website
  • Facebook
  • Media releases
  • Newsletter
  • School educational materials

Investigate Air Issues:

  • investigate air quality issues
  • compile /analyze health data
  • research working group
  • research best available technology
  • work with Northern health Authority, & medical officers of health
  • make information available to the public


  • participate in processes; i.e. roundtable; integrative community sustainability

Build Relationships:

  • fostering open communication and exchange of information
  • membership & encouraging active involvement


  • schedule quarterly newsletter
  • new sign up sheets
  • social
  • call out