Neighbourhood Air Quality

As the quality of air in the Prince George Air Shed improves for the general population, compromised air quality in the immediate area of residential subdivisions, parks and recreation sites remains. There is room for it to take on a higher priority.

  • In 2017 we saw the issue of the PG Transit proposed site near 18th Avenue and Foothills intersection at the base of the Cranbrook Hill Escarpment.It was the local residents as well as the many people who use the pathway through the “greenspace”, recently paved to improve accessibility, who brought the issue to the attention of City Council. The rally was strong enough to change the direction set by the City which suggested this was the only and best solution to improving transit efficiency. There was no Plan B. More importantly, the issue was not brought to the PGair Roundtable by the City.
  • We continue to have issues with “the smell of money” wafting through the Millar Subdivision and downtown on inversion days.
  • We also have occasional next door neighbour issues when they fail to use properly dried wood or pellets in their wood heating furnaces and the wind, or lack of wind causes smoke to enter a neighbouring house through open windows intended to let fresh air in.
  • In addition, living adjacent to high truck traffic areas can locally elevate particulate as well as VOC pollution from diesel fuels and road dust and mud laden tires.
  • Downtown residential areas, Millar Subdivision, as well as parts of College Heights close to the BCR industrial site across the Fraser River are affected by local industrial site pollution sources.
  • We require additional and improved monitoring stations as well as some mobile monitoring along major highway/arterial road corridors.

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