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  1. For more places to chat about your concerns regarding this massive proposed petrochemical plant within the bowl area of Prince George, check out two Facebook sites.
    The PACHA Facebook site
    and the Too Close 2 Home Facebook site.
    Both highly recommended.

  2. In 2008 the Regional District, in association with the City of Prince George, developed a PG Area Industrial Land Profile.
    It states “The City of Prince George’s air shed has been identified as not being able to accept additional air emissions without compromising the health of it’s citizens”.
    The Regional District Board supported the elimination of health hazards and minimization of air and water pollution.
    They identified three sites suitable for the development of heavy industry: Clear Lake, Hart North (Salmon Valley), and Isle Pierre. Hart North was considered the most ideal for development.
    Why is the City now contemplating developing a huge Biochemical plant which is very much heavy industry, within the confines of the BCR site,the bowl area and our already polluted air shed? It seems very unwise given the health and environmental consequences of such a plant at such close proximity to Lower College Heights and the bowl area of PG.

  3. One of the issues I care about is the amount of emissions from CN diesel engines in the bowl and along the tracks in the City and immediately surrounding area of individuals living along the tracks, such as the Miworth area.

    Here is a study from Washington State which investigated that issue. We have no similar study along our railway corridor, including the yards downtown as well as along the east side of the Fraser river.

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