Update – August 2019

Complacency: a feeling of smug or uncritical satisfaction with oneself or one’s achievement.

Other than the growing number of wildfires in the last couple of years, most people in the city likely felt that our air quality was showing signs of improvement. After all, we had the Provincial Ministries responsible for air quality, the City, the Prince George Air Improvement Roundtable (PGair) and even PACHA, as a watchdog member of PGair, looking out for the best interest of Prince George’s citizens’ health.

We have been looking out for “emerging issues” such as wildfires, asphalt plants, residences and businesses along major transportation corridors. This one came in like gangbusters, not because someone wanted to build a heavy industry plant in the region, but because there were closed door discussions which compromised the long-standing policy of no heavy industry within the city limits.

The apparent excuse of not building in the long ago identified Hart North Heavy Industrial site ….. “the commute for the workers is too far”. Tell that to people living in Vancouver, Toronto, Seattle and they would laugh. Or why not tell that to those who live in Red Deer and have to commute 15km to a similar plant in Alberta.

PACHA will be doing all it can to relocate the proposed plant to a more appropriate area outside the city’s airshed. We are not against the plant, we are against the location. We do not need a Sarnia-like city in BC let alone in Prince George.

PACHA is interested in learning about your opinions, concerns, experiences and suggestions about this plant and any other air quality concerns you may have. Please give us your thoughts by contacting us via email or by posting comments on the “PACHA blog” accessible from the menu above.

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